About us

How it happened

We hate gardening and we couldn't find a gardener - so we created Gardendone.com. An easy alternative to those looking for a recommended gardener.

Our mission

Garden Done was set up by 2 hard working family guys - we worked hard during the week and the last thing we needed was 3 hours of lawn mowing, hedge trimming and pruning to look forward to at the weekend. We wanted to find someone who could help us out. We have been doing that ever since.

Keeping it mutual

We're not an agency, we are an introduction service for people who love gardening to find work and for people who hate gardening to find gardeners.

How does it work?

Garden Done enables you to find experienced, pre vetted gardeners in your area. You post the amount of time you would like a gardener for and we do the rest. We've even made payment easy.